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Female entrepreneurs have a particular sensitivity and wisdom unique to the business world…

If you are one who is desiring to unlock the fullness of your God-given potential and bring your business up to His kingdom’s standard,

I will assist you with a business strategy unique to His purpose and calling!


Your friend and high performance coach for female entrepreneurs!


While I was still single and in my early twenties, I was blessed to experience the excitement and exhilaration of launching into business and entrepreneurship.


Within a handful of years my business grew into a multi million dollar enterprise, resulting in my becoming one of the youngest millionaires in an international billion dollar wellness company.


My business endeavors took me around the world on international stages, hosting corporate events and training thousands of people.


No college or university could ever impart what I experienced and learned over those years employing the proper business strategies, marketing tools, networking, and perhaps most importantly, overcoming the myriad of obstacles it takes to grow a successful business or enterprise.

While those things are important and are required to be understood for any entrepreneur to succeed...

I have found that there are three things which are essential to achieve any true and lasting entrepreneurial success:


A fresh and powerful belief system must be built from the ground up, while rooting out the old patterns that stealthily hold people back.


A step by step business strategy uniquely structured to you - personalized to your long suits, your personality, and your specific business needs.


Finally and most importantly… There are God-given kingdom principles that when woven through your work and business, assure not just business success, but a successful business journey.

That is my mission - To provide my clients those things which bring about a sure and lasting personal and spiritual business transformation.



Audrye works with world-class female entrepreneurs to unleash their highest identity in God and translate it into business growth which attracts dream clients, elevates their authority, income, and impact.


Audrye has 10 years of experience in business advisory, coaching, and marketing. She combines her creative and authentic flair with her business savviness to assist visionary female entrepreneurs raise their self esteem and have actionable step by step business strategy aligned specifically to their business.


Audrye’s coaching program is three fold.

Her approach involves inner work (mindset), outer work (strategy), and higher work (kingdom principles) so her clients can create and embody the fullness of their God given potential.


She assists her clients in identifying subconscious and conscious limiting belief systems and gives them the tools to let go of what has been stopping them from expanding their influence, value, and impact.

She assists her clients in elite business coaching designed to bring clarity, direction, and alignment resulting in increase of income and profit.

She assists her clients in kingdom business principles resulting in lasting results.


Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs become the most beautiful and powerful version of themselves, turn their dreams into reality, and visions into visuals, one coaching call at a time.


"Hiring Audrye was the single best investment I’ve done for myself.  We dived into my blocks and where they came from.  We started breaking down the internal barriers that I had through the powerful tools she provides.  Day-after-day I felt lighter, creative, more free!  I’d say THAT alone was worth it to me.  We celebrated some big wins, already having my largest month in my business! We strategized on what it would take to reach my goal at the end of the year.  I raised my prices to meet my worth.  I’m attracting clients and new connections that fill my soul.  She uses the Kingdom Perspectives to show you to view the world and matters through His lens.  If something goes wrong, it is not meant for you.  Breathe.  Move along.  You can’t be knocked down from what God has already deemed you worthy."

-Stephanie Halas


“I cant thank Audrye enough for the breakthroughs I had working with her. I have been in and out of therapy for the past 2.5 years and gained more tools for moving forward in 1 call than i have in the past several months in counseling. Thank you for equipping me with the skills to overcome old patterns and to reprogram myself to be on the offense as i tackle my future. I am so grateful to have you as my coach!"

- Annabeth Payne


"I have had 3 coaches in my life. Never one that has directed me to the Lord over themselves and helped me in every aspect of my life. Just the first week together was radically transformational. I am so grateful."

- Emily Vermeer


"Hiring Audrye as my coach was one of the best decisions I made in 2022. She calls me forward when she knows I'm playing small and teaching me to expand my comfort zone. She consistently reminds me of who I am in Christ and reminds me the power of what that means so I can take true authority in my calling. Especially when I was believing lies that I was unworthy.​ My business expanding after 3 weeks of hiring her and we are just getting started, I truly cant say enough how thankful I am about being coached by her.

- Cassie Landon


Audrye has been foundational to the growth of my business! Before working with Audrye, I had points of tension in my life, or areas of congestion that were clogging up my ability to move forward in business growth. She is uniquely gifted at identifying these places, calling them out, and helping navigate past them! I now have a deeper sense of self-confidence and appreciation for myself, which has allowed me to grow my business from a place of organic flow and peace as opposed to forcing things to happen. She has been instrumental in bringing about these changes, and I am grateful to be working with her!

-Savannah Martin

"Within 15 minutes of our call, we were speaking about the root of my limiting beliefs! Within the next 15 minutes she's changed my entire mindset and rhythm of how I run my business and how I connect with my own clients. I feel more confident and in my flow than I have ever felt before & it has also impacted every other area of my life! She is a TRUE powerhouse when it comes to coaching and leading you to take action & step in to your best self personally and professionally.

After 2 coaching calls, I was asked to be guest on 2 podcast in my field, I have 3 wellness workshops at well know fitness studios on the books, & my calendar is filling up with new discovery calls. These are all first for me! My energy is night & day & it's super clear that others feel it as well. This is just the beginning!

Audrye loves the Lord so much & she is all about sharing the Kingdom building principles with others. I could never build & grow this business alone! She is so encouraging & teaches God's truth & encourages partnering with the Lord through service & faith to achieve the vision & calling for your life! Audrye is beyond gifted & her coaching is incredibly impactful & life changing! 
Get ready to go all in and experience mega transformation!"

-Becca Stone

Working closely with Audrye has been life changing for me personally and in my business. Coaching from her is always filled with so much value! Her passion and heart for people is the most genuine of anyone I’ve ever met and connecting with her on that is something that is such a blessing for me and rare to find anywhere else. Not only does Audrye coach with excellence, but also integrity. Me, my business and family are better because of my time with her!

-Katelyn Hunt


What I Specialize In

Leadership Development

Business Strategy

Business Planning

Money Mindset

Personal Elevation

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